Gain exposure for your business and connect to the community by selling Woodbury Days Buttons at your place of business.

Selling Woodbury Days buttons helps to raise enough money to keep Woodbury Days a FREE event. Button sales start August 1st up until the event, bringing potential clients into your business to buy a button and to enjoy a discount you are offering.

Woodbury Days will also promote your business as a button seller in our Event Guide, on the website and our social media.

How it works:

Pre-Purchase buttons in $300 packages.
Each package includes: 30 single buttons and 10 family 4-pack buttons.
You choose the quantity of packages you need. You can also reorder, if you run out.

Since you have pre-purchased, you will keep the money you get for each button you sell. If you sell all buttons, you recoup your money and still get the exposure. Your business will be advertised in our Event Guide, website and social media as a button seller.

Offer a Discount to any customer with a Button and bring people into your place of business. The discount is valid from August 1st thru September 15th. Your discount will be listed in our Event Guide, Button Brochure and our website.

Woodbury Days will supply signs to put up in your business and promotional graphics to use in print and web ads to help promote your participation in the program.

Button Sales start August 1st!

Buttons Sold Here Sign

Button Selling Benefits at a Glance