Woodbury Days Button

When you wear your Button to Woodbury Days, you gain FREE access to a number of Kids Activities!

Check out our schedule below to see what your child can do for FREE while wearing a Button! Also look for the Button Icon next to the Kids Activities listed in our Event Guide. You will receive an Event Guide with the purchase of a button.

We have businesses all over town selling buttons starting August 1st up until the event. Click the button below to see our list of button sellers. You can also purchase a button at our event.

Button Required Events Schedule

[tt_timetable shortcode_id=”button” event=”kidcreate-artsy-cupcake,coin-hunt,nutty-noodle-mechanism,fantasy-lego-build,kidcreate-melted-snowman-slime,monster-more-marks,stuff-n-fluff,superhero-spectacular,woodbury-days-challenge” event_category=”button-event” hour_category=”” columns=”aug-23,aug-24,aug-25″ measure=”0.5″ filter_kind=”event_and_event_category” time_format=”g:i a” hide_hours_column=”1″ colors_responsive_mode=”1″ box_bg_color=”#96c93d” box_hover_bg_color=”#96c93d” filter_color=”#ffffff” generate_pdf_bg_color=”#f18b21″ generate_pdf_hover_bg_color=”#e21b8e” booking_bg_color=”#ffffff” booking_hover_bg_color=”#ffffff”]