The Woodbury Days Council is asking for your suggestions for the 2023 Woodbury Days Button design!

The Woodbury Days Buttons are sold before and during Woodbury Days to raise awareness and interest in Woodbury Days, as part of the Button Prize contest, to allow entrance to some events at Woodbury Days, and to obtain discounts at some Woodbury area businesses.

The winner of the Woodbury Days Button Design Contest will receive a $100 cash prize and will be featured in Woodbury Days promotions.

Entry Requirements:
Entries due by April 15, 2023; winner to be announced after May 1, 2023.
Entries must include the words Woodbury Days and the year 2023
Button design must work on a button that is either 2″x3″ rectangle or 2″ or 3″ round
Designs should emphasize bringing the community together and/or celebrating community
Entries should include the colors in the Woodbury Days Logo
Submit entries as a .pdf, .jpg or similar electronic file to

Open to all Woodbury area residents and SoWashCo Schools
Woodbury Days Council will have the rights to all submitted artwork
Members of the Woodbury Days Council are not eligible to participate